About Us

We’re On The Spot

Owner/operator Patrick Vinci has over 30 years of experience in garment cleaning. Patrick is a Certified Environmental Dry cleaner (CED), a distinction he has held since 2000. He has built a reputation as a leader in the industry by always going above and beyond to provide an honest, quality product.

CED- Certified Environmental Dry Cleaner As a CED we have made a commitment to our customers that we will stay informed about the constantly changing rules and regulations designed to protect our environment. We must demonstrate knowledge regarding environmentally appropriate ways of operating dry cleaning equipment, proper disposal of waste, and industry-related EPA and OSHA regulations. The focus of the CED program is awareness of environmental laws and regulations as they pertain to the dry cleaning industry.

Did you know?

  • The chemical Percoethelyne, known as “PERC”, is the most commonly used cleaning solvent in the dry cleaning industry today.
  • As a central-nervous-system depressant and carcinogen, PERC is extremely harmful to you, your fabrics, and the environment.
  • PERC is known to cause skin irritation, dizziness, headache, confusion, nausea, liver and kidney damage, unconsciousness and even death.
  • According to the EPA, “PERC is suspected of causing cancer and has been found to be moderately toxic to people. It is classified as a pollutant in both air and water regulations. Its disposal is regulated as a hazardous waste”.
  • We use LANADOL products in the cleaning process.
  • All LANADOL products meet the requirements for the Blauer Engel (blue angel) environmental award.